Top 10 Home Brewing Recommendations and Tips

Best tips for home brewing beer, and all the latest recommendations. Brewing beer is the new hype. Start small or big, we got you covered. If you follow our easy tips, you will save precious time and be more successful from the very start.

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1. Kegging

If you are planning to enjoy brewing and creating beers in the long run, then you should consider investing in a good keg. The cost may be a little higher, but the benefits are several.

  • Kegging saves time it takes to clean, sanitize and fill large quantities of bottles.
  • Beer lasts longer as it is better stored than in a bottle and under CO2.
  • Kegging makes adding secondary additions that much easier.
  • Carbonating beer in a keg takes only a couple of hours.

2. Paint Grout Stir Bar

There is a large choice of beer whirlpool devices that you can purchase. They come with different dimensions and prices. If you are just new to the game and want to save more money you can try to make it yourself at the start. Just make sure it fits in the space where your beer will be cooling down.

whirlpool device

3. Dry Hopping

When you decide to add dry hopping to your beer, the trick with the magnet can be useful. We got it from Martin on Homebrew Challenge. Place a magnet on the outside of your fermented beer container, and the other one goes inside the dry hop bag. This way you can adjust the position of the dry hop bag without opening the containers and exposing the beer to oxygen. Adding dry hops helps to improve the flavor, and add more color to the beer.

dry hop  and a glass of beer

4. Extracts

At the time of adding extracts to beer, you need to make sure that the water is not boiling. When you add them to boiling water, especially with a heater at the bottom extracts will get scorched. To make sure that adding extracts process is successful it would be best if you have help. One person can be adding the extract, and the other using the whirlpool to make sure they are mixed well.

5. DME – Dry Malt Extract

Dry Malt Extract is easy to add to cold water. You should not add it to hot water because of steam. It can cause the Dry Malt Extract to clog and stick to the bottom. Because of that, it can take a while to break it. The best thing to do is to add it to cold water and then just slowly heat it up. That way Dry Malt Extract will completely break down. If you want to learn more about malt extract in beer brewing click here.

6. Avoid mashing at over 170 F

Mashing is a brewing process, where crushed grains are mixed with water, to form a mixture called mash. It is very important to avoid mashing at temperatures over 170 F. It can leach some of the tannins to the point, that your beer will have an astringent or harsh taste.

By controlling the temperatures, which are better kept at low, this can be avoided. When the temperature spikes over a certain point, during a certain period of time, it can end up losing some of the additional enzymes. That is why it is so important to control the temperature the entire time.

ingredients for home made beer hops and grains

7. Crushing your grains

This is maybe the most important part of beer brewing. Everyone wants to have a proper malt crush in the brewing system. Everybody is different at this point. But you need to find that fine line that works for you. We crush our grains at 0,0375 of an inch, and we are very happy with that.

Over-crushing the grains will end up in your efficiency to be lower.

Under crushing can have some of the following issues:

  • This leads to having a stuck mash.
  • Creates large dough balls.
  • It could leak tannins from pulverized husks.

8. Join Local Brew Club

Joining the Local Brew Club is a great way of meeting people who share the same interest. You can share different ideas and listen to other people’s experiences. Some of them will also provide different discounts and events. If there isn’t a brew club close to you, start one. it’s always nice to attract people together. To check more on the best beer clubs and subscriptions in the US please click here.

Different types of beer in various beer glasses and beer mugs

9. Enter a beer competition

Enter your beer in beer competitions, especially the local ones. This is the best way to get honest, non-biased feedback. This is a great way for people who are interested in improving their brewing style of technique. For more tips on entering competition brewing check here.

10. Going for BJCP Certification

Achieving a Beer Judge Certification Program provides a better understanding of beers. Getting the BJCP Certification could take you to the next level of brewing knowledge. It includes an online exam and an in-person tasting exam. It is supported by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA). They encourage all homebrewers to participate in the exam and improve their knowledge of beers, styles, and techniques of brewing.

Different beer samples in plastic cups for tasting

Here are all our tips for successful homebrewing. We wish you all the luck in your future projects. Hopefully, you can create your ideal beer and share it with your friends.

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