20 Beer Facts You May Not Know

Fears and Goats

1. Cenosillica

Fear of an empty glass. There’s some debate whether this is an actual condition or just some slang term made up by a few beer nerds. The term seems to come from Greek. There’s not a lot of verifiable medical literature on this phobia.

2. Slugs like beer

They enjoy it so much that they’ll happily dive into a pool of it and drown.

3. Midwife beer

In the 1600s midwives created super-strong beers to help ease the pain of childbirth. Interestingly even modern midwives advise drinking a small amount of beer to get the milk production started after childbirth.

4. Beer and writing

Ancient Egyptian texts have been found that contain over 100 medicinal uses for beer. In fact, many of mankind’s first writings were dedicated to tracking quantities of beer.

5. Viking beer goat

The Vikings believed that when they died a giant goat would be waiting for them. Of course, this goat had an unending supply of beer.

A snail placed on the edge of a beer glass.
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Jelly Beans and hangovers

6. Store upright

Storing bottled beer upright minimizes oxidation and contamination from the cap. Bottle caps are pretty great seals but even they are not immune to the sands of time. Keeping the beer from direct contact with the cap can minimize damage to the seal. Keeping your delicious beer fresh.

7. Hangovers

The word hangover in Norwegian is directly translated to carpenters in the head.

8. Beer Jelly Beans

Jelly Bean the candy company famous for its insane variety of flavors has a draft beer-flavored jelly bean. People really seem to like it. They come in a variety of cool cans and bottle containers.

9. Beer Pay

Fear is a great motivator historically speaking. The ancient Egyptians paid their citizens and slaves in beer. Up to 4 liters per day. And although beer was quite a bit weaker back than alcohol-wise. That’s still quite a bit of beer to go through each day.

10. Oldest Beer Ad

The oldest ever advertisement takes back to 4000 BC. A tablet was found in Mesopotamia with an image of a woman holding jugs of ale.

A beer glass filled with beer flavored jelly beans and a bowl of salty pretzels with a glass of beer and a beer bottle in the back.
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White House and Louis Pasteur

11. Expensive beer

The most expensive bottle of beer ever sold was Allsopp’s, Arctic Ale. This bottle of beer was brewed in 1875 for an Antarctic expedition. It was first sold on eBay for 304 dollars because the original seller listed the name of the bottle wrong. Eight weeks later the bottle was back on eBay. This time name was spelled correctly. It received 157 bids from 56 unique bidders. It closed with a winning bid of 503 300 dollars.

12. 1% of people are drunk now

Nearly 1 % of all people in the world are drunk at this very moment.

13. White House Brew

Barack Obama s the first US president to brew his own beer in the White House. He was inspired by home brewers and he bought a brewing kit and brought it in. He brewed the White House ale.

14. Pasteur Beer

Louis Pasteur heavily studied beer and yeast during his important research into the microbial world. Not only did beer help this famous scientist. Pasteur selected beer as his research subject to get back at the Germans. Towards the end of his life, he wrote

Our mifortunes inspired me with an idea of these researches. I undertook them immediatelly after the war of 1870 and have since continued with them without interrruption. With the determination of perfecting them and therby benefiting a branch of industry where we are undoubtedly surpassed by Germany.

15. Rule of thumb

The term rule of thumb originates from brewers who would pick their thumb into the mix to see when the temperature was right for adding the yeast.

A person sleeping on the floor with a party hat and hugging a decorated Christmas tree.
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Gluten Free Beer and Nobel Prize

16. A hangover that lasted 4 weeks

It is alleged that the longest ever hangover took place after a Scotsman drank over 28 liters of beer. It is said that his hangover lasted for 4 weeks.

17. Gluten Free

Not all malts contan gluten. Many people think that malt is a gluten-based product. Any grain can be malted.

18. Do not need a car to have an accident

The first recorded drunk driving incident took place in 2000 BC in ancient Egypt. An inebriated charioteer was apprehended after running down people in the street. The culprit was crucified on the door of the tavern that sold him the beer and his corpse was allowed to hang there until the vultures picked it clean.

19. Nober Beer Prize

After he won the Nobel Prize Niels Bohr was given a perpetual supply of beer piped into his house.

20. Beer Lovers Party

Back in the 1990s, the beer lovers’ party ran candidates in Belarus and Russia. Unfortunately, no winners ever came from the beer lovers’ political parties.

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