5 Tips For Homebrewing In A Small Space

This is all based on our experience which is very subjective. You may have a very different experience.

For all beginner brewers out there feel free to try our How To Make Your Own Kombucha.

1. Use Brew In A Bag or an electric BIAB

It is a one-pot system. This means you don’t have to have a 3 vessel system. Your mash tun is your boil kettle. Those types of systems are becoming very popular for good reason. They’re very effective and good space and time savers. electric BIAB is what these all-in-one electric systems revolve around. It takes the concept of BIAB and adds an electric element to it that can plug into any standard home outlet.

2. Get creative with heat sources

Obviously, we cant use a propane burner to heat up everything for brewing. Were limited to only electric elements or our stove. One item that we use to supplement our boils for a very long time is the heat stick. the stove and this heat stick really create a very vigorous boil.

3. Extend the reach of your cleaning sink

There is a very simple modification to give yourself a lot more reach and a lot more power out of your sink. Take a piece of silicone tubing and attach it to your faucet. You can use full water pressure to help you clean your brewing equipment.

4. Kegging instead of bottling

A corny keg and empty brown beer bottles standing next to it.
Credit: https://beerandbrewing.com/the-great-kegs-versus-bottles-showdown/

For a number of reasons, we prefer kegging over bottling. It saves a tremendous amount of time and effort. You don’t have to worry about cleaning anything or putting anything away until after your keg is completely empty. Regardless of the amount of pace you’re working with unless it’s in an extremely small space. We would highly recommend going to kegs over bottles.

5. Stay organized and keep the equipment out of the way

One of the biggest challenges of small space is just keeping organized and keeping things clean.

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