5 Top Strange Beer Concepts

We love the American craft beer market. Years of experimentation have allowed local brewers to develop a thriving marketplace with more types of beer to choose from than humans have seen in their 3000 years of brewing history. But some experiments can go a little too far and beer is no exception. Today we will uncover 5 strange beer concepts that haven’t quite taken off yet.

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1. Pastrami Pils – Shmaltz Brewing

Advertisement poster for Pastrami Pils beer.

Pilsners are fizzy and generally light tasting. They are most often paired with foods as a palate cleanser. This is why they go great with spicy South Asian dishes. As such pilsners are meant to be consumed in large quantities.

2. Key Lime Pie – Shorts Brewing

This is not as simple as throwing your dessert into the fermenter with beer. But that’s exactly what they did here based on their social media. We can imagine key lime pie floating in the fermentation tank. The pie breaking up with all the yeast and beer that’s trying to ferment. Doesn’t look good at all.

3. Churchkey – Churchkey Beer Co.

This beer is not flavor-related to be on our list. It’s actually a drinkable pilsner. But the Churchkey aspect that gives this beer its namesake is just a little too much to overcome. We wish it came packed in a regular can for easier opening.

4. Ghost Face Killah – Twisted Pine Brew

A bottle and a glass of Ghost Face Killah beer with ghost peppers.
Credit: https://cravedfw.com/2014/02/12/twisted-pine-ghost-face-killah/

A beer so spicy you can’t really drink it. It’s made from real ghost peppers. The only way we can imagine drinking this beer is at a beer festival with spicy food.

5. Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout – Wyncorp Brewing Co.

It includes bull testicles which are a more common bar snack than you might think. Apparently, they pair very well with stouts. We try to figure out how to incorporate testicles into the brewing process but our imagination is lacking in ideas.

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