5 Ways To Make a Better Beer Fast

If you’re just starting out in this hobby chances are you’re probably making beer that’s pretty good. But it’s probably not as good as you initially wanted it to be. There are some ways that you can make your beer better without having to spend tons of money on equipment.

And if you want to make the best beer check our 10 Tips for Brewing your Best Beers.

1. Take detailed notes

Writing in a notebook.
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Treat every single day like it’s a chemistry experiment. Write down every single thing that you do in your brewing process. Little things actually do add up. The more notes you take the more you understand about what happened during your brew days. You can improve a lot faster just by paying attention to what happened. Writing it all down and learning from your experiences.

2. Control mash and fermentation temperatures as much as possible

The mash is a bit less stringent. You can have a range of 2 to 4 degrees where you’re going to be fine. Your fermentation temperature tends to be a little bit more of a question mark for a lot of people. For fermentation 2 to 4 degrees can actually make a big difference. Your fermentation is going to be much hotter inside of the fermentation vessel than the ambient temperature of your room. So control your fermentation.

3. Control your water chemistry

Water in different vessels.
Credit: https://www.northernbrewer.com/blogs/beer-recipes-ingredients/short-pour-water-chemistry-part-2-of-2-caco3-ph

Start first of all by getting distilled water. And then building a base off of that. All you need to do to get into water chemistry is some distilled water and then add in the food-grade salts in varying quantities using online calculators to tell you how much you actually need to add. It’s not very difficult to do and it makes a huge difference in the output of the final beer.

4. Get honest feedback on your beer and have a thick skin

Make sure you actively take your beer and give it to other people to taste and enjoy. Get their feedback on what they like and what they don’t like. Make sure you have people who are willing to give you constructive criticism on your beers.

5. Take care of your yeast and get to know it

If you’re just starting out we suggest brewing a bunch of beers with the same yeast to get to know it. Understand how it reacts to temperature. Eventually, you will start to get to know the yeast. Almost as if it has its own personality. And that will make you a lot better at predicting how your beer is going to ferment.

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