Amazing Facts About Beer and More

A wall made of different beer cans.

Even if you are not a regular beer drinker there is something about beer that attracts people. Especially since the rise in the craft brewing movement in the US. The availability of so many various and original styles attracts more and more people every day. Today we want to mention only a couple of fascinating and amazing things about beer that people usually don’t pay attention to.

So next time when you are grabbing your favorite bottle or can you will appreciate all the hard work and dedication that went into it. If you are interested in more fun facts make sure to check Homebrewing Myths are getting Busted.

Older than Wine

A glass of red wine and a glass of beer on a table.

It is completely safe to say that beer is older than wine. Beer was popular with the ancients Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, and all other nations. Probably because of its simple brewing method and basic list of ingredients. First beers were probably made without the hops which is the last ingredient to be added to modern beer.

While it might not have tasted the same as beer today the brewing process would have been similar enough. They just needed water, grains, and yeast to make a simple beer.

Spontaneous Fermented Beers

Yeast can be found all around us. In the air, we breathe, on trees and fruits. There are yeast molecules everywhere. And that is the science around spontaneous fermentation. So instead of putting brewing yeast into the wort beer is inoculated with anything that comes into contact with it.

Spontaneously fermented beers are a particular method of brewing to get certain beer styles. The main thing about them is that we never know what the result is going to be until the very end. And that is what makes it so exciting.

There are 100+ different styles of beers

Glasses with different beer styles positioned by darkest to lightest color.

The main beer styles are of course lagers and ales. But there are more than 100 different beer styles based on flavors, sweetness, and mouthfeel. From the dark and heavy porters and stouts to pale ales and aromatic IPAs.

And each beer style has its own story of origin, characteristic flavors, and method of preparation. So you can be absolutely sure that there is a style of beer perfectly suitable for you. Maybe you just haven’t found it yet.

Most Expensive Beer Ever

The most expensive beer out there is limited edition beer by BrewDow The end of History. All the bottles are individually crafted using real animals that have died of natural causes. Usually, the animals include squirrels, stoats, and hares.

This Belgian ale is infused with juniper berries and it’s selling for $765 for 650 ml. This is the same brewing company that created the strongest beer out there. So we will be watching what they do next.

Packing of beer inside dead animal skins by BrewDog brewing company.

We are sure that there are beer lovers out there that don’t mind spending a lot of money to get their hands on one of these bottles. When you are a beer lover and especially also a homebrewer knowing about beer is like breathing. Visit us again for more amazing facts on beer and let us know if you know some yourself. Cheers.

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