Avoid These 5 Traps To Be a Better Brewer

We have all had our share of giving and receiving advice from other brewers. But still, there are some things that you should definitely avoid doing in your homebrewing journey. Here we have named only a couple.

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1. Over complicating recipes

The best thing about homebrewing is being able to make the beer you want to make and drink. However, sometimes what we envision in our heads isn’t really what’s going to happen in reality. And these over complicated beers are a great example of that. It’s very easy to fall into this trap simply because it plays to our idea that we’re better brewers than we probably are.

2. Expecting high end equipment to make you better beer

That is something that is simply not true. The brewer is what makes better beer. The equipment is really going to give you a little bit more convenience or usefulness. But it’s not going to generate you a better beer. Ultimately you as a brewer need to know how to leverage the strengths of the more expensive equipment. An experienced and talented brewer will still be able to make a far better beer using any equipment available.

3. Expecting new trendy equipment or ingredients to be game changers

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More often than not we’re playing with these new things kind of at the expense of our budget. Unless you’re trying to be the very first person to talk publicly about the new trendy thing it’s really best just to kind of wait and see what happens when the dust settles.

4. Refusing to let go of conventional knowledge

The craft beer movement and the homebrewing are many decades old at this point. The knowledge that we have now has completely changed on what we know how to make beer. And that applies to the professional scale as well as the homebrew scale. Often times you see this conventional brewing knowledge just being parroted back and forth without any understanding or questioning does it still apply to us today.

5. Becoming a homebrew snob

A lot of people out there really do believe that they know everything there is to know about brewing. And that the understanding that they have and the methods that they follow are the only way. Don’t be like them.

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