Common Misconceptions you find in Homebrewing

Airlock leaking wort from a fermentation bucket in the beer brewing process.

When you are only a beginner to homebrewing watching brewing videos and trying to learn as much about brewing is like second nature. But once you are already on your way and have spent some months brewing is like your eyes have finally opened. And you start to realize that not all advice is good advice. When you go back to watching the same videos now that you have more experience you start to see some really annoying misconceptions.

The truth is there are things you need to aware of when trying to find useful information online. Not everybody cares about brewing in a correct way. They care more about making their content more attractive and popular. But don’t worry. We are here to bring some reality into the beer brewing jungle out there. And if you are still interested in some sound and tried advice on how to improve your beer check our 4 Off Flavors that Can Mess With Your Beer.

Not Everybody is an Expert

Graduation hats flying in the air.

We wish that all these influencers and YouTube video creators would state their qualifications first before they even try to brew a beer. They should share where they learned to brew and how long they have been doing it. Before they start giving people advice that they probably learned from watching videos themselves.

Brewing beer is a serious business. Anyone can do it as a hobby at home. But if you really want to teach other people to do it in a correct way and at least try to get some kind of certificate. So next time when you hear them give advice that you have doubts about don’t listen. Do it your way. At least you’ll have no one to blame for the bad result.

You don’t see any Mistakes

A half full beer glass.

We have watched hundreds of different brewing videos and to be honest, in only 2 of them have the people showed that they did even a small mistake. All these videos always create a perfect beer with no mistakes. Impossible.

Even seasoned brewers make mistakes. Maybe not every single time but they happen. We are only humans. Making perfect videos each time gives the wrong perception to beginner brewers. They will think that something is wrong with them if their result is not good. Sometimes it’s not even the brewers’ fault. The recipe could be wrong but you will never see that in a video.

Nobody is doing the Basics

Four glasses of beer with different beer styles.

It is easier to find a recipe for a strawberry oats milkshake IPA than for a basic lager or an ale. We understand. The pink color looks better on the screen. But how are you expected to learn anything about beer brewing if you don’t even know the basics? What kind of knowledge are you sharing with your audience if you cant make a porter?

We don’t mind experimenting with different flavors and spices. It’s probably one of the reasons beer brewing is so popular. You get to create a beer in the way that suits you. But to be able to make it that way you need to know the basics of making simple beer first. Same as if you want to read and write you need to learn the letters.

How old is your beer?

A beer barrel and a mug of beer.

Did you ever ask yourself how they manage to make a beer in one week of fermentation? In one video they stated their beer was ready after only 5 days. Really? And you expect that to taste nice.

Do not rush your beer. Fermentation takes time and you want to be sure it’s completed before you transfer it to keg or bottle. You don’t want to waste all your hard work just because you are feeling rushed by a beer influencer. For them is maybe find to destroy their beer because no one will taste it anyway.

We really feel so much better now that we have shared these little but important facts. You can expect there will be a part two to this article as we find more and more things that make us pull our hair out. If you have anything you want to mention just drop us a comment and we will check it out. Cheers.

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