Dry Hopping your Home Brewed Beer the right way

In this article, we will tell you the right way of dry hopping your homebrewed beer. It is more than just throwing them in your fermentation vessel. Dry hopping is becoming more popular with different beer styles. We hope that this easy guide will help you to improve the taste and presentation of your beer.

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A muslin bag of dry hops for beer brewing.
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Hop Oils

The only thing that we are interested in from the hops is the oil. And we know what happens to oil when we add it to the liquid. It goes directly to the top. For this reason, we want our hops to be added to the bottom of the actual fermentation vessel. This was the oil will actually gradually go through the beer and it will end up in the top.

At least you will get an even disbursement of the oils and that is really important. For this reason, you should add your hops to a bag, or some sort of container so they can drop to the bottom.

Hop flowers and a small brown bottle of hop oil.
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Different ways in which you can place your hops for dry hopping are:

  • Hopsack
  • Muslin bag with drawstring
  • Stainless steel tea infusers

The process

Before adding dry hops to your container of choice it’s very important to actually make sure the bag is clean and sanitized. Make sure there is plenty of room in the container because hops will expand.

When you add hops to your fermentation vessel the fact that you cant see them is a good thing. If you are adding hops using a muslin bag a good thing to do is to weigh it down with some marvels to make sure it drops to the bottom.

Two fermentation vessels using the dry hopping method of brewing beer.
Credit: https://brulosophy.com/2015/10/26/dry-hop-length-long-vs-short-exbeeriment-results/

Dry Hopping for Too long

The time that you will add your dry hops tends to vary from beer to beer style. What’s quite normal for something like an IPA beer is that you’ll put them in, in the last days of the fermentation process before bottling.

From our own experience, we wouldn’t recommend dry hopping for any longer than 7 full days. We tend to prefer a time of about 3 to 4 days personally. That will depend on what sort of effect youre looking to give. If you add for longer than 7 full days this will generally provide you with a grassy effect. Not many people enjoy it but some do. Cheers.

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