Eugene Ranks Cheap American Commercial Beer


The Rank King is super judgmental and likes to put things in order. Today we are ranking cheap American beer on three different things.

  • Aesthetic – How good does that can look?
  • Taste – Is there flavor?
  • Chugability

We will be putting them in order from best to worst. Make sure to stick with us to the end.

For ber ranking with more details on craft breweries check our The Last Frontier and beer tasting (Episode Alaska)

1. Miller High Life

Can of Miller High Life

Called the champagne of beers, even if it might have been redesigned multiple times. The taste is clean , very light, with no bad aftertaste.

The girl in the moon found on Miller High Life bottles and cans, has no record of how and why she was created. She was trademarked by Miller in 1907. This beer comes to the top of our list.

2. Michelob Ultra


It has a very unique beer can, its long and slender. Looks very fancy.

Michelob Ultra is the official beer sponsor of the PGA Championship. Beer tastes clean and refreshing.

3. Coors Banquet

Four cans of Coors Banquet beer

Can of Coors Banquet looks more unique than Coors Light. It gives a dated, like 70s feel to it, which we like.

Adolph Coors built this brewery in Golden, Colorado. He felt the water running through the streams of the town was perfect for his beer. That is why we put it in fourth place on our list.

4. Budweiser

Can of Budweiser beer

We appreciate that it stays true to the classic fonts, beautiful retro design.

This is the most American beer in America. Owned by a Belgian conglomerate. For a brief period in 1983, Budweiser had its own video game called Tapper.

5. Pabst Blue Ribbon

Cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer

Otherwise known as PBR. Everyone associates this beer with hipsters. It does have that hoppines to it that makes it a little more different to the rest.

The name of the beer comes from the blue ribbons. They were tied around the bottle’s neck in the early years of beer distribution. Because of the unique flavor, we place it above the three big light beers.

6. Simpler Times

Can of Simpler Times beer

This is the beer from Trader Joe’s. They have various beer brewed for them as exclusive house brands. Including Josephs Brau, Boatswain, and Simpler Times.

It has a little bit of a herbal bite. We put it in the middle ranking because of the unique taste.

7. Miller Lite

Cans of Miller Lite beer

It’s a beer you can imagine when someone litters a beer can. Miller Lite has more flavor. Miller Lite won the 2016 Gold Award in the World Beer Cup for the light beer category as America’s original light beer.

8. Bud Light

Cans of Bud Light beer

The golden standard of cheap American beer. Its like the red, white and blue of every college party.

Introduced in 1982 as Budweiser Light. Budweiser’s flagship light beer is the top-selling beer in America.

9. Coors Light

Can of Coors Light Beer

Coors Light is the Americas second top selling beer. The mountains on its cans turn blue when lowered to 39 F.

10. Steel Reserve

Cans of Steel Reserve Beer

Steel Reserve is not just a beer, it’s an experience. It has an 8.1 % alcohol content. This is our strongest cheap beer. There is so much fine print on the can.

Steel Reserve also has a popular Alloy Series featuring flavors such as Spiked Blue Razz, Spiked Watermelon, and Hard Pineapple. You can really taste the alcohol in this beer.

11. Keystone Light

Cans of Keystone Light beer

We can see why people would want to party with this beer.

In 2011 Keystone Light redesigned its 30 pack cases to have a center hole. They created a modified game of Bags (Cornhole).

12. Rolling Rock

Can of Rolling Rock beer

The can is green and very vibrant. The beer has a really metallic flavor. People think that the number 33 which is printed on every Rolling Rock can is a conspiracy theory.

One wildly held belief about the number 33 is that it marks the re-appeal of Prohibition. We put lower in our ranking due to its taste.

13. Busch


Busch, Busch Lite, and Busch Ice are the only beers brewed by Anhauser – Busch that boast the founder’s name. We didn’t like the taste and decided to place it at the bottom.

14. Natural Light

Cans of Natural Light beer

Also known as Natty Light. For us is more of a convenience store beer. Very close to water. Natural Light went into orbit. in 2011. Becoming the first beer in space.

15. Natural Ice

Can of Natural ice beer

Making an ice beer involves lowering the temperature of the beer until the ice crystals form. After that, removing the ice crystals to leave a slightly more alcoholic beer.

We put it at the bottom ranking, next to Natural Light.

There you have them all. From best to worse. We can only hope you have enjoyed our list. Make sure to let us know if you don’t agree with our ranking. Cheers.

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