Hazy Hopped Cider and Cryo Hops

This hazy dry hop cider might be our new favorite drink. If you have ever wondered what it would taste like if beer and cider had a baby this would be it. The added hops bring a fruit complexity and bitterness to balance out that sweet apple flavor.

This is the perfect drink for gluten intolerant that is missing out on the bitter hoppiness of an IPA. And best of all just like other apple ciders recipes are extremely easy to do. If you brew beer and never made a cider before or you’re looking to make an easy cider recipe then this could be the perfect jumping-off point.

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A glass of cider with 4 hops flowers floating in it.
Credit: https://byo.com/article/hopped-cider/

Very easy recipe

For this recipe, we are making a 1-gallon batch. The brew day is super simple and can easily be done in just a few minutes. For the base of the cider were using 1 gallon of store-bought apple juice. We’re also adding some yeast nutrients. Give it a good mix with a sanitized spoon to help dissolve.

We are using ale yeast. This yeast has been proven to make great IPAs. that will hold their haze for a while and its ester production expressed by fermentation will nicely compliment the final product. No hydration is needed. Once it’s all in we close the lid and give it a good shake. We pop on an airlock and set it in a cool darker place for 12 hours.


Hops frozen with liquid nitrogen.
Credit: https://www.hopculture.com/what-are-cryo-hops/

After 12 hours fermentation is in full swing and now we will add the hops. We are using a unique hop for this cider called Cryohops. They are just regular hops except for they are frozen with liquid nitrogen. Which in turn removes a lot of the vegetal matter leaving behind a concentrated form of the hop that is packed with more flavor, aroma, and alpha acids. The benefit of less hop leaf in the product means you’ll have less hop sludge in your fermenter.

They cost a little bit more than a typical hop. But if you’re planning on adding a lot of hops and are worried about all that vegetal waste then this is a great product. We are using 0.5 oz Citra Cryohops at active fermentation to try and utilize hop biotransformation. This is basically when the yeast and the hops interact together to unlock some bolder and more pronounced aromas.

With the hops in, we let it ferment for another 6 days. After the end of the 6 days, fermentation activity has completely stopped. We go ahead and keg it up. It has a light yellow hue with a strong haze and is perfectly bubbly. The aroma is bursting with citrus and notes of pineapple and lemon. It smells like an IPA but with a slight background of green apple. Cheers.

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