Home Brew Recipe Development

The four pillars of recipe development are

  • Brainstorm
  • Educate
  • Engineer
  • Realization

Every time we brew we use these four steps to develop the perfect recipe.

Anf if you are looking for a super easy and delicious beer recipe try our tested American Pale Ale Beer Style.

Brainstorm your beer

The best part about homebrewing is you can create anything your mind comes up with. Or you can recreate any beer that’s hard to find in stores. Start by thinking about what inspires you. It could be a beer you had at a brewery and loved. Or a style of beer you’ve never tried. You can really get wild with it and go to the extremes with flavors. Only you can find inspiration for a recipe.

Various glasses of beer on a table.
Credit: https://beveragedynamics.com/2018/09/21/is-craft-beer-approaching-a-bubble/

Educate with resources

Using various resources you can start to educate yourself on how that inspiration can come to life. If you’re looking for more traditional styles books and magazines are a great starting point. For more out-there ideas you can use those same books and magazines to build a base for your ingredients and then tweak them up from there

Another amazing resource we have at our fingertips is the Internet. There are forums, blogs, and brewing software with sample recipes. In our experience, it’s best to find several recipes and compare. See what type of grains or hops they use and in what amounts. Do some cross-comparison and develop the recipe to your liking. The more you brew the better understanding of the ingredients you’ll have for the next time.

Engineer the recipe

With your inspiration in mind and your resources in hand, it’s now time to engineer and formulate the recipe. The best place to start is with the brewing software. From there start by inputting some grains and hops depending on what your desired original gravity, color, and bitterness are. Think about how each ingredient impacts the flavor and aroma of your beer. This is really all a matter of preference. But this is where those resources are key.

Glasses of different beer lined up on a table.
Credit: https://lifeinabruzzo.com/abruzzo-craft-beers-microbrewery-trail/

Realization of the beer

This is the fun part. Now it’s time to make it happen. At his point, all the hard work is done. You’ve found your inspiration. You’ve done the research and you formulated the recipe. Take good notes along the way not only on brew day but as the beer ferments and once again when it’s done. When you’re trying something new things will rarely turn out perfect the first time. That’s what’s fun about recipe development. You get to try again to nail that recipe just right and make it your own. There’s no better feeling than finalizing a recipe that you can go back to.

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