Hop Tea Guide for Beer Brewing

In this article, we shall be looking at hop tea making for beer brewing and much more. If you don’t have hop cones you can use pellets. There are a few reasons that you might want to make a hop tea.

The first and the most obvious one would be just to drink as a regular tea. But you can also use hop tea for brewing and much more. If interested in more methods of giving your brew that amazing hop flavor check our Dry Hopping your Home Brewed Beer the right way.

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The process of creating hop tea

When we make hop tea for brewing we use it instead of dry hopping. And what you’re really making is a concentrate of hop flavor and aroma. For this reason, you use more. You can also make hop tea for immediate consumption and this branches into two different types.

  • Using hops instead of teabags. This is actually a very old way of drinking.
  • Allowing the mixture to cool down and adding it to an existing beer.

When you employ the method of using hops as a tea rather than dry hopping first thing you’ll notice is that the same amount is definitely more potent. You will certainly be experiencing a much wider spectrum of flavors.

The Recipe

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The first thing to consider is that for hop tea you will actually be adding more liquid so this can easy to come off in your recipe in some way. We like to use between 500 ml to 1 liter of water for hop tea. Our immediate priority is to take this amount off of the strike water as opposed to the sparge.

Next, you’re going to want to get a mason jar to the equivalent volume of what you’re going to use in your hop tea. It’s important that this is filled up to the neck. Making sure it’s cleaned and sanitized before you use it.

Heat your water between 140 to 160 F. Some people have made the mistake of actually boiling for their hop tea and this is a grave error. It will kill flavor and aroma. Once your water is between these temperatures then add your hops to the mason jar and fill it up with water. This will start the hop infusion process and you’re going to want to wait until the liquid is down to a temperature that is even with your beer.

Bottling with Hop Tea

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When you are planning to bottle the important thing is not to put hop tea in the fridge. Let the hops infuse naturally at natural temperatures and also let them cool down. This is part of the process.

Make sure it’s the right temperature before you add it to your bottling bucket. You can then transfer your wort directly on top of this to have an even mix and you’re done.

One thing is of note is that you must strain out the hops and only add the liquid. Cheers.

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