How to Brew Chai Pear Cider

If you’re just getting into homebrewing we have an easy cider recipe that anyone can make at home. It’s a refreshing fall beverage that is slightly sweet and flavored with chai spices. Making pear cider is very similar to making apple cider. And just as easy. The only real difference is the fruit or juice that is used to make it.

In general, we find the pears to be a bit sweeter and have a less distinct flavor than apples. Chai spices often consist of cardamom, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. Today we’re keeping things simple and just using store-bought pear juice. If you have access to 100% juice that is perfect.

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The Recipe

A bottle and a glass of pear cider with fresh pears and a bowl of apples on the table.

This recipe calls for 1.5 gallons of pear juice and will yield just about 1.25 gallons of cider once complete. We put the juice in a fermenter. Next, we add yeast nutrients. They feed the yeast so we have healthy yeast. It will also help get fermentation started faster and fully ferment in a timely manner.

For yeast, we are using Lalvin EC-1118 Champagne yeast. This yeast is a perfect fit. Yeast can have a major impact on flavor. Using a sanitized spoon we give everything a good stir to mix in the nutrient, yeast, and incorporate oxygen. Once everything is incorporated we add an airlock. We set the fermenter in a cool dark area at 68 F and allow it to ferment for one week.

Adding the spice

A chai spice mixture.

After 1 week it’s time to add the chai. We will add 950 ml of strong chai tea. Before the tea cooled down we added our priming sugar for bottling so it can fully dissolve. When it’s cooled down to room temperature we pour it into our bottling bucket and transfer our finished cider on top. Be careful not to splash too much to reduce the risk of oxidation.

We set the full bottles in a cool dark place for 2 weeks to build pressure. And at that point, pear cider is ready to drink.

On the nose, we get a light floral hint with spices coming forward. It has a subtle dry pear flavor backed by chai tea at the end. The spices aren’t overwhelming and perfectly complement the pear.

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