How to Make Caramel Apple Hard Cider

This combination is a unique twist on your favorite cider and above all, it tastes so good. When compared to beer, ciders are very beginner-friendly and simple to make. The interesting thing about this recipe is that green apple and caramel flavors can be considered off-flavors. So finding a way to balance those characteristics without overdoing it is the key.

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The recipe

A glass of apple cider with green apples in the background.

We’re starting out with 1 gallon of store-bought juice. The thing with any bought juice is that you need to make sure it doesn’t have any preservatives like sorbate, sulfite, or benzoate. this will inhibit yeast growth.

To start we add the juice into the fermenter. It’s always a good idea to check the juice’s original gravity. So if you want something stronger you can always add more sugar. Next, we add in some yeast nutrients, 5 grams of DAP, and 3 grams of Fermaid O. These are to help with fermentation. they provide nutrients needed for the yeast to grow and ferment and produce minimal off-flavors.

Finally, we add yeast. Were using Red Star Cote des Blancs. It’s actually a wine yeast but it makes a great cider. Now just pop on the top. Mix it up and add an airlock. Set it and forget it for one week at 69F.

After one week it’s time to add caramel and for that, we will be using caramel extract. If you’re bottling you can add the extract into a bottling bucket with your priming sugar and then just transfer your cider. If you’re using a keg like us just add it to a sanitized keg and transfer the cider.

The cider came out rather clear. On the aroma, we get a hint of warm caramel that’s followed by a crisp apple scent.

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