Myths of Modern Home Brewing

Today we are talking about brewing myths. These are things you have been probably doing and not realizing it doesn’t matter. There’s a tradition of brewing from way back that tells you that you have to brew a certain way. And now it’s time for us to get to the bottom of the most common brewing myths.

1. Hot Side Aeration

Stainless steel pot filled with beer wort.

This myth is claiming that as you are warming up wort, youre not supposed to agitate it in any way. Or introduce any kind of oxygen into it. Because supposedly that will ruin your beer. We don’t think anybody has actually come up with a way that it will ruin your beer. Rather than oxidizing it. But youre going to do that as soon as you transfer it into your kettle anyway. It actually turns out having that oxidation will reduce polyphenols in the mash ultimately leading to a beer that has fewer issues with clarity.

2. Fermentation temperatures and brewing lager yeast and warmer temperatures

The flavor differences between lagers and ales fermenting at cold VS. warm temperatures are very strained. There are yeasts that do need specific temperature control to make their exact flavor profile happen. Yeast strains are notorious for dropping out if they get too cold. And also producing fruity esters if they start to get a little warmer. That’s something that you have to consider when youre brewing your batch of beer. Pick the strain based on the temperature control that you have. There’s a lot of things in just getting in terms of knowing your yeast that is really important.

 A scoop of beer brewing yeast.

3. You have to boil for 60 minutes

Obviously, for extract this is false. The only reason why you need to boil for 60 minutes is to utilize the hop oils properly. Because they don’t want to dissolve in water naturally so by boiling those youre able to utilize the oils and extract the bitterness into your beer to offset the sweetness. But if you don’t want all that bitterness in there there’s no reason why you cant boil for 5 to 10 minutes. Especially with the extract.

Another big thing people are worried about when it comes to all-grain mashing is a chemical compound known as dimethyl sulfide DMS. And what it comes down to is that it’s completely debunked now. We have done 20 and 30 minutes boils and we never got DMS in our beer.

4. Squeezing the bag

Brew in a bag method for brewing beer.

Turns out that it doesnt matter. Get your extra sugars off the bag. Its not going to make a difference.

Other thing is people getting tannins from eversparging. It takes a lot of oversparging, and how alkaline water. The combination of all those will maybe get you extra tannins. And thats the bigger thing to watch for. If youre worried about it make sure that you know the PH. Also know the alkaline identity of the water youre using. Thats the only situation where you might run into tannins.

We hope you have found this article useful. For more interesting bad advice you can check 10 Homebrewing Mistakes you learned from You Tube channels. Cheers.

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