Raspberry Witbier Belgian Wheat Beer

Within this article, we will be walking you through the whole process and a recipe for our very tried and tested raspberry Witbier. The first area of preparation with this recipe is the actual fruit itself. This process needs to be started ahead of the actual brew. At the very least freeze your fruit for 3 days. A safer practice is also adding the fruit into a solution of sodium metabisulfite to sanitize it. Also, you may want to consider planning your water profile.

If you are interested in learning more about fruit and beer combinations be sure to check our Flavor Additions: Getting fruit into your Homebrew for more information.

A basket full of raspberry fruits.
Credit: https://www.sehatq.com/artikel/manis-dan-lezat-ini-manfaat-raspberry-yang-tak-boleh-dilewatkan

The Recipe

The start of the mash is on the foamy side. Don’t be concerned about this. It’s not surprising considering the grain bill we are using. We are mashing at 153 F for 60 minutes.

The Grain Bill

  • 45 % Wheat Malt
  • 25 % Munich Malt
  • 25 % Pale Ale Malt
  • 5 % Flaked Oats
A glass of beer, hops flowers and grains scattered on a table.
Credit: https://learn.kegerator.com/how-to-brew-beer/

The Boil

During the boil, it’s good to stir the wort from time to time. Once it was mostly clear is time to start the boil timer and add the first and only hop additions. The boil time is only 30 minutes and we add Saaz hops.

After we transferred the wort into a fermenter we are ready for pitching the yeast. We are using Lallemand Belgium Wit Style Ale Yeast. In terms of fermentation temperature with this yeast, it goes up from 68 to 72 F.

The Fruits

A glass of raspberry beer.
Credit: https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/homebrew-recipe/raspberry-tart/

Instead of boiling the fruit we froze them. When they are unfrozen place them in a cleaned and sanitized muslin bag. Make sure that allt he fruit is inside the bag. Now you can add the fruit into the fermenter. Brewing with fruits is more work but those extra flavors go a long way. We are adding the fruit during late fermentation,

The beer has aroma of fresh raspberries that has some delicate spice. This style of beer is really easy to drink. This is a very good example how fresh and clean fruit can taste in wheat beers. Cheers.

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