Ripple Steam Brewery – Hops & Tradition

Logo of the Ripple Steam Brewery in Kent England.

We are sure that so many homebrewers are dreaming about one day opening their own small brewery. A simple place where they will be able to use their creativity to the maximum and make some amazing beer. As they say, every dream starts with a first step. And what may be a dream for someone for others could be a reality. Today we want to introduce you to a small but powerful microbrewery in the heart of England hop country.

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Modest beginnings

A glass of dark beer and a bottle from Ripple Steam Brewery.

Ripple Steam Brewery is located on a simple farm in Kent, at the heart of the England hop growing county. It was founded in 2011 by a young but experienced team that has been operating for years in the beer industry.

Using local ingredients such as Kents hops and making their own malt they have succeeded in creating classic but also modern beer styles. To give their special signature of using only the best ingredients and a careful brewing process they were able to produce several different beers for you to try.

Having a microbrewery and carefully selecting raw products requires a lot of time and effort. But it is something done on a regular based in this lovely place. All members of the team have their roles and they try to support each other whenever they can. Some of the beers we have tried were their famous Black IPA, Classic IPA, and an American Pale Ale. They all have the hop characteristics and flavors you would expect coming from England hops as well as a great balance of flavor and aroma.

Step away from the classics

A glass of beer and a bottle of beer from Ripple Steam Brewery.

One of their signature beers is a Black India Pale Ale. It is a complex hybrid how they have chosen to describe it. Unique in flavor and adapted from an American recipe. The color was lent from smoked Munich chocolate malt mixed with pale ale malts to give that full-body, dry notes, and bitter finish.

For the hops for this beer, they have chosen the First Gold Whole Leaf. The finest Kent hops giving this beer an unexpected twist and an amazing flavor. It was more than we have expected when tasting this beer. The hops are well balanced with the richness of the chocolate malt and you get hit with a strong flavor and a bitter finish.

When compared with a classic IPA style which we have also tried here the Kent hops are used in a different way. Balancing a different type of malt the citrus and floral notes have an easier way of breaking through the medium body style and providing a different type of refreshing bitter finish. This beer is more light, with a golden color and higher carbonation levels. All in all classic or signature may be your choice. But the taste is amazingly great.

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