The Copper State & Beer of Gold (Episode Arizona)

A sunset in the Arizona desert with a view of stunning orange skies and field of cactus.

Arizona, The Grand Canyon State. But so much more than that. State with breathtaking views and sunsets. A place with the spirit of the people and nature finds a way to speak without words. Originally part of the Spanish and Mexican territories the land was ceded to the US in 1848. Copper was one of Arizona’s leading industries until the 1950s.

But its true history starts some 12 000 years before. Long before the Wild West, Long before copper mining or World War 1. Indigenous culture called this place their home. And Arizonisstill in some way remained the only true home they will ever have on this earth. Today there are 22 sovereign American Indian communities that reside in Arizona. Each with its unique spiritual, cultural, and economic differences. If you are ever in this area you are presented with once in a lifetime opportunity to dive into the ancient history and rich culture that before was mightier than all the powers of the world.

We were there to taste some beer so we will keep you informed about what we liked.

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Scottsdale Blonde – Huss Brewing Company

A can and a glass of Scottsdale Blonde beer from Arizona.

Huss Brewing Company is an independent and local brewery situated in Tempe, Arizona. This particular beer has won Silver in the 2018 US Open Beer Championship and Bronze in the 2016 US Open Beer Championship. This is a lager style beer which a golden color, crisp, and is refreshing.

The taste is incredibly well balanced, a cornbread-like malt base with a tangerine citrus fruitiness on top. It counterbalances with a little lemon sourness and a mild hop spice to temper the sweetness. The result is a beer that is both slightly sweet and dry, all the time remaining reserved in all aspects. This is an excellent American take on a style almost as old as beer itself. After you taste this beer you will immediately understand why it has achieved so many rewards.

Big Pills Spills – Wren Brewing Company

A glass of lager beer with a medal and a row of beer cans in the background.

Wren House brewery is located in the Green Gables neighborhood of Pheonix. They claim to focus on quality and to be honest the selection of beer styles and brewing techniques was a little overwhelming. If you want to taste the milk stouts, porters and IPAs you will need a few weeks to dedicate sufficient time to each of them. It was refreshing to see a brewery with such creativity and a love for craft beer.

The two times Craft Beer Award Gold Medal Winner this beer is a German-influenced lager. Crafted with the best hops in the world, Nelson, and plenty of it. They are using original German lager yeast and dry hopping this beer to make it so good you don’t want to stop drinking.

Dragoon IPA – Dragoon Brewing Company

A glass of Dragoon IPA beer on tap.

Dragoon Brewing Company was founded in 2011 with the simple idea of sharing a passion for craft beer with the local community and friends. The brewery is situated in Tucson, Arizona and from the original family of three now has more than 20 people. They usually have 30 beers on tap throughout the year and some seasonal options based on the time of year.

Dragoon IPA is a true West Coast IPA. You will be hit with the herbal citrusy aroma coming from Columbus, Apollo, and Magnum hops. The color is deep gold with high alcohol content and the beer pairs well with spicy food. It was definitely worth a visit to try this outstanding beer.

Sonora White – Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company

A glass of Sonora White beer from Arizona brewery.

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company has only two founders. It was born from their love of Arizona’s stunning nature and diversity. They try to implement that in the creation of their beers.

Sonora White is a true Belgian Witbier that is very careful about the quality of water and the filtration system. For the brewing of this beer, they have chosen Arizona-grown malted Sonora white wheat to support the local community. All the ingredients were found locally as much as possible to make the original taste that many of their friends enjoy.

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