The Last Frontier and beer tasting (Episode Alaska)

The 49th and the largest of all the states in the USA, Alaska will attract you not only with beer but with many natural beauties. A place where we all dreamed of escaping is as unique and special as you can see on TV. Acquired by the United States in 1867, by purchasing it from Russia. First, they believed the land has nothing to offer. The discovery of the gold mines in the 1890s opened its potential to settlers and mining companies.

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Alaskan scenery at sunset

We didn’t go there to dwell on the history. We went there to drink some beer. Here are the results of our hard labor.

Alaska has all the resources to create wonderful and tasty beer. Rivers are streaming with high quality water. Land is abundant and easy to grow various grains for beer making, and the place is amazing full of positive vibes. We have enjoyed every minute of our trip. Here we bring you the best highlights and the best beers.

1. Alaskan Amber – Alaskan Brewing Co.

Bottle and glass of Alaskan Amber beer

Alaska has a rich history of brewing beer. Due to all the settlers and miners coming from all areas in the US. Story of Alaskan Amber is maybe more modern. But it still uses inspirations in Beer Brewing from Alaskan nature and beer brewing tradition.

Using pure glacier water as their most important ingredient they were bound to success. Smoked malt provides a unique flavor and color to this beer. It also preserves the beer, allowing it to age such as a wine would.

Alaskan Amber was voted “Best Beer in the Nation” in the 1988 Great American Beer Festival Consumer Poll. It has won many more rewards since then. We highly recommend you try this beer even if you don’t end up traveling to The Last Frontier.

2. Bavarian Hefeweizen – Glacier Brewhouse

Glass of beer

The Glacier BrewHouse was established in 1996 in Anchorage, Alaska. The brewery consistently ranks in the top ten in America for brewpub beer production. Among many of their beers, we were most impressed with Bavarian Hefeweizen. Its an unfiltered wheat beer with fruity aromas of banana and cloves. Made with authentic German premium malt, it was refreshing and smooth.

There are many beers which we can recommend in this place but the Bavarian stole our heart. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that most of their beers spends certain time aging in Virgin Oak barrels. They have an entire “Wall of Wood” which they keep hidden beneath the floors of the brewery. That’s so awesome.

3. Arctic Devil – Midnight Sun Brewing Co.

Arctic Devil beer bottle and glass

Midnight Sun is the oldest brewery in Anchorage. Their first beer was Wolf Spirit Sparkling Ale. Today they produce over 40 different lagers and ales a year. They are more known for the barrel age stouts and barely wines.

Arctic Devil Barley Wine is an English style barley wine. Beer is being brewed once each year. Then it spends several months ageing in barrels. Only after this process is done the beer is ready to blend, bottle and drink in the fall. The process to create Arctic Devil each year has to be under strict monitoring and supervision. In that way the brewery will accomplish to create the beer with a consistent quality. That is why Arctic Devil is the Alaska’s most rewarded barley wine beer.

4. Vanilla Porter – HooDoo Brewing Co.

Glass of dark beer and a glass of smoked grains

HooDoo Brewing Company is a realization of a long dream, that finally came true on 2011. The company is located in the middle of Fairbanks, Alaska. Brewery is designed and built to brew classic English, German, Belgium and American beers.

We have to admit that we are impressed with their Vanilla Porter. You can taste chocolate, vanilla and caramel among other flavors. They layer the beer with 7 different specialty malts from England, Belgium and the US to create this beer. After fermentation the beer was aging some time on Madagascar Vanilla Beans. The taste is luxurious and rich.

Even if the road doesn’t take you all the way to Alaska we are sure some of these beers can come to you. But when you are there, seeing the mountains and breathing the fresh air. Looking at the open skies and feeling the nature around you. Even a sip of beer can have a great impact on your overall experience. We recommend that you

  • Take time to travel
  • Explore the world
  • Taste new beers
  • Bring plenty of friends and make new ones
  • Tell us all about it
  • Go to Alaska

Often you don’t have to go really far to have an adventure. Start with your local beer club or pub. Challenge yourself and explore new things.

Alaska, We love you. Hope to be back soon with some new beer stories.

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