Top 5 Beer World Records you need to know

In 1995 Guinness created its first book of World Records to settle pub arguments. Today we will be counting down the top 5 beer-related world records.

Before we get into the countdown let’s talk about how a brewery became the authority on all things related to world records. The idea for a book of world records came to Sir Hugh Beaver, managing director of the Guinness brewery. While he was attending a shooting party in the early 1950s. While preparing for a sporting hunt he and his host began to argue about the fastest game bird in Europe.

Stumped they turned to reference books but were unable to find an answer. A few years later in 1954 Beaver presented the idea as a promotion for Guinness. Based on the idea of settling pub arguments. In 1955 the first book was published. Within 10 years the book was being published in 10 languages and had sold nearly a million copies. today the Guinness book of World Records is the authority when it comes to record-breaking achievements.

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The logo of the Guinness Book of World Records on a blue background.

1. Largest collection of beer bottles

The largest collection of beer bottles belongs to Ron Werner of Carnation, Washington in the US. he started his collection when he was 14 and he has added 1000 bottles each year. since then in July of 2012 when Ron was given the record by Guinness his collection totalled 25 866 individual bottles. Ron also collects other beer memorabilia including signs and taps.

2. Quick with a bottle opener

Francois Monin in August 2014 uncapped 2000 bottles in 23 minutes and 55 seconds. That’s an average of 84 bottles per minute. The best part of this event is everyone gets a freshly cracked brew at the end.

3. The record of the most different varieties of beer on tap

This record was 369 beers set by Riley Beergarden in Riley, North Carolina. This was verified on November 21st 2015. Presumably when several members of the Guinness World Records team got very drank trying to sample every single beer on tap. To put this record into some perspective if you just had a single keg of each of these beers that would translate to 719 gallons of beer.

Pouring of the largest beer glass by the Guinness world records.

4. The largest glass of beer

In 2014 a British pub poured an ultimate toast by pouring the worlds largest glass of beer. Angus Wood and Ed Dupuy of Stod Fold Brewing Company spent an hour pouring 2 082 liters of beer into one giant glass. The glass was 7 feet 4 inches tall and it had a diameter of a half fee and contained 3 664 pints of beer. One of every kilometer of Tour de France.

5. The strongest beer

The strongest commercially available beer ever sold was The end of History created by craft beer legends BrewDog in Scotland. This beer which was stronger than your average liquor contains 55% alcohol. It was sold inside of a taxidermied squirrel. The last bottles were sold in July of 2010.

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