Trappist Single Monk Beer Style

This beer style actually has many different names. It is also known as Monks Beer, Patters Beer which basically means farmers beer as well as the Belgian Single. Unlike many of the Belgian beers, this one can be session strength if you like.

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How it all started

A glass and a bottle of Trappist Single Monk beer.

it is known that as early as the 5th century that monasteries in Europe were brewing their own beer. With over 600 keeping records of this. At this time beer was the beverage of choice as well as much safer than simply drinking water. Beer was consumed by men, women, and children alike.

Before this point, beer brewing was one of the main responsibilities that a wife had. These beers were simply thrown together using whatever ingredients could be found rather than using recipes. Not much was actually understood about the process and much of the beer that was made was actually spoiled according to the records.

Monks and beer

A portrait of two monks drinking beer from mugs.

Once the monks got involved things certainly took a different direction. They became innovators and scholars of the arts of beer brewing. And ket meticulous records of proven recipes, practices, and ingredients. They also mastered the art of mass production as selling much of this end beer would be their end goal. And they used it as one of the several methods of becoming completely self-sufficient.

There is much that we as brewers owe to these early monks. The particular beer that they would brew for themselves and also for visitors would be this one. This style offers much of the fantastic flavors but without the strength of so much alcohol.

This beer is a nice golden color. Tasting notes are citrus and floral on the nose with a little malt. A small amount of sweetness on entry but finishing very smoothly with a twist of citrus sourness at the end making it very refreshing. A complex and refreshing flavor signature contains citrus, floral, and spicy notes with a slightly sweet presence. The light body makes this beer highly drinkable.

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